Miller Library

Since the inception of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library at the Center for Urban Horticulture the Northwest Horticultural Society has, as part of our mission, raised funds to support the Library. NHS has contributed $307,430 to date to the Library’s operating budget and has accounted for $98,800 in matching funds from the Miller Foundation.

In addition to donations to the Library’s operating budget, NHS established the Northwest Horticultural Society Elisabeth C. Miller Library Endowment Fund at The Seattle Foundation with the proceeds of the original NHS Library Auction, held in May 1996. This fund has been increased to $231,500 with the proceeds of the NHS Library Auctions from 1997 and 2001; a portion of the 2004 Auction; a 2005 NHS membership solicitation; the 2007 Auction and book release event for Valerie Easton’s A Pattern Garden; the 2008 “Brunch with Ciscoe” donations from the NHS general fund, and some private donations from NHS members.

After the Library was destroyed by fire in 2001, no provision was made to furnish the rebuilt facility. In March 2002, NHS established the NHS Fund for Furnishing the Miller Library at the University of Washington, with a goal of $200,000 to provide furnishing. Grants from the NHS general fund of $40,000 and the proceeds of the NHS Library Auctions of 2002, 2003, and a portion of 2004 were applied to this fund. With the help of individual contributions by members of NHS and friends of the Library, the goal of $200,000 was reached in May 2004.

Spend some time in the Elisabeth C. Miller Library prior to our Wednesday Evening Lectures and learn about its many resources.

Application Deadlines

NHS Grants: August 31, 2016 Scholarships: May 9, 2016